Alexa App little glitch which is irritating

I have a minor little irritating glitch in the Alexa app. My wife and I often set multiple alarms as we drive the kids to school at different times.  I usually go to the app and simply turn the alarm back rather than the voice in light of the fact that occasionally I'm not in the room. For whatever reason, there is a 7 to 10-second delay after I select the alarm before I can scroll to my times. I suspect that App is trying to connect with the Amazon Echo device itself, so that's up to date. But as a user, I don't care I just want to set the time and get out of the app. The delay is bogus, and the app appears frozen. When and how it synchronizes is not essential to me.  If it can’t then at some point, depending on the time of day, it can notify me on my phone.   


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