Alexa, asking for flight status... dude I don't care about flight numbers

I love Amazon Echo and its entity Alexa. She has flight status available to find out flight, status, delays etc. but because I’m a champion of humans I have a complaint.


I recently wanted to find out the status of the flight from Salt Lake City to Spokane Washington on Delta. It was nice that it was available on Alexa but I didn't know the flight number.  Alexa said it needed the flight number so I was disappointed and went to a computer to see if I could figure it out. This may sound spoiled, but remember we need to eliminate physical computer operation. If my mother in law wanted to know the answer she would have asked Alexa and then skipped the complex computer entirely and just asked me.  If I had asked a human who knows they would have told me the single flight in the air at the time and the times for the other TWO flights that day.  The human would not bother me with questions or meaningless conversations about flight numbers which I didn’t know.

Alexa gets one demerit, down and give me 20 Alexa.  (I still love it though)


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