Amazon AWS console should have a NLP interface

Amazon AWS should create a console that is voice interactive using NLP. They could start small and on simpler areas of their many AWS offerings. Each of the areas should not only have normal sentences/words allowing someone to manipulate, look into different pieces of data but additionally answer questions about how/where to do things. One of the more complicated areas of Amazon AWS is the security model and permissions. I’m always referring to documentation, other blogs, and examples to attempt to make sense of different settings on resources in our cloud structure. The security area is a finite area of vocabulary. Creating a language model to deal with security & permissions etc. would be doable and nicely interactive.


As with any interface trying to find what's possible and then how to do it is always a challenge for a user. Many times as a developer I'll drop to the JSON representation because I've given up on the more difficult AWS UI and it’s menus/dropdowns etc... to construct my permissions. I find examples that are in JSON it substitutes them in the edit field modified appropriately.


Just because developers have the capability to understanding JSON and various menu interfaces does NOT mean they should.  


The way the AWS console is laid out is very partitioned.  That's great and would allow for AWS to construct a language interface in increments one area at a time.  Broken down the individual language domains are manageable. Each of the AWS areas documentation is average but is hard to find and generally somewhat scattered at various web locations. It would be critical to ensure the AWS language interface be capable of answering questions about each area or at least directing questions to documentation.  AWS does have lots of FAQ’s, but I don’t want to read or scan those, to be honest. I just want my particular question answered quickly or at least referred to a document to read about it.


Why is there no language interface now?  Focus perhaps, not religious about NLP? Real NLP is super new.


Many times, myself included, developers expect other developers to drop to JSON or technical formats to do work because we can.  We hope developers  “pick it up” and figure out what to do or explore menu/panels etc... to review etc… to get it done.


Forget that thinking, dudes.  



Amazon AWS would further its AI technologies (transcription, Lex, and related) by demonstrating to the cloud development community what you can do with NLP in a real way.  There's nothing like using technologies like this in the real world to force out issues and weaknesses in them. In my opinion, NLP is the goal and direction for every interface. They ALL need to have NLP in front of them


So AWS.  Integrate NLP into your console.  Do it incrementally one area at a time like you always do with new features.  Be the leader of how it should be done and we will all emulate you using your stuff.

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