Amazon’s AWS needs pure transcription


I love Amazon’s AWS and use many aspects of it.  From their standard cloud-based systems, Lambda, and Alexa it's awesome. Their relatively new Lex service that allows natural language processing type things is excellent.  It's almost the same as Alexa except you can connect your program or application to it versus an Alexa skill.  While I love it, I don't care for the fact that in many instances I simply need a transcription.  And while it's possible through some mumbo-jumbo getting transcription isn't straightforward.  


We then, unfortunately, still use Google transcription.  Google provides direct transcription without forcing structure around it.  Google transcription also happens to be extremely good and supports many languages.


AWS!  Please provide a direct transcription mechanism like Google.  We can handle the NLP as needed.


(Updated: AWS how offers transcription similar to google.  The corner the market and really expand other artificial intelligence offerings AWS should make the transcription almost if not FREE.  It will lock people in even further to their solution.)

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