Apple should have a Lambda function, S3, DynamoDB, SQS to pick off cloud cherries the developers need

I love Apple.  They have beautiful products and awesome UI.  Even though they kill us with their margins on products $$$$ I still buy, of course, and buy more.  Every year they always move forward improving their products incrementally, from the iPhone devices to their desktops/laptops.  BUT… what I’ve been waiting for is Apple to expand beyond their devices and engage real cloud services.  Oh yes, they have had various products come out with words “like” cloud in them.  But, they are not cloud computing of any real nature. Nothing that really helps developers with reasonable, substantial functionality that would make real tasks possible without having to go outside to use other companies' cloud services.


I’m not sure what’s keeping them from adding minimal features that could make a huge difference, allowing real work to be done.  We (Apple iOS developers) are a captive audience and drooling over the need for these added cloud features.    I don’t expect Apple, without an acquisition IBM? or the like, to get big into cloud computing anymore.  Amazon/Microsoft/Google have such a big lead.  Disappointing!  ;-(    BUT… for many iOS developers I think Apple can help immensely by doing some entry-level cloud features.   Apple should pick some easy to add features which represent cherries on the cloud service tree.   These simple features would allow iOS developers real cloud capability via built-in iOS API’s.  For any added requirements beyond these simple features, developers can always https to their favorite AWS/Microsoft/Google services.  (Lambda of course ;-)  )

What features should Apple Real Cloud have:   

  •  AWS like Lambda function of some fixed specification(s),  running Linux of course, Swift/NodeJS/Java    ( iFunction )
  •  S3 equivalent.  They have this kind of right now, just spruce it up
  •  DynamoDB table like a simple system with selectable memory caching in front of it
  •  SQS, queuing system for a simple messaging mechanism
  • Transcription, Text to Voice (or built into iOS if not already)


For each of these, the iOS developers would not manage machines (ie. serverless) or other overhead infrastructure.   Developers would be free to solve their problems without headaches.  Anything more complex could be done on another more extensive cloud service.  However, with the Lambda type functions and a more microservice architecture approach, developers could really accomplish almost anything here.


There are SO MANY iPhone/iPad devices out there and developers to support them.  I suspect by adding these features they would take a bite of the cloud computing services of Amazon/Microsoft/Google.  Especially if Apple makes it EASY for developers.  And I mean EASY.


So, Apple, please, do it !!!

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