Computers should be effortless, frictionless

Yea... yea... tell me something I don't know.  I almost didn't write a short blurb here because this seems obvious.  But I think it's important to keep emphasizing this to computer science people and their friends they really need to make computers effortless for people.  That means having a religion about making them easy to use and leveraging what's available technology to make that happen.  Desktop GUI interfaces have been the main way to accomplish this along with their smartphone UI’s friends.  Like with any interface, how easy it is to use depends upon the designer's experience and the number of functions they try to provide in the program/app.

Now with the voice this all changes!!  There's no reason why computers should not be EFFORTLESS.  Design effort needs to be shifted by the computer scientist and designers from UI to language interface.   With language, we don’t need to guess as much on how to organize user interface controls, which controls to place etc. where on the 2-D interfaces.  We use voice to answer questions, to do the work for the user.  We can more easily interview and understand the language domain of the user and how they would interact.  Much easier than user interface abstractions we hope they can understand.   People know how to talk. (mostly ;-)  )


So let's make them effortless


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