Dance monkey dance

That’s what most of our “TV remote controls” would say if they could when we try to get our use them (changing the channel/input/etc..)  The remote is a computer-overlord.   We cry ;-) when we can’t find the remote, then we cry when we do and try to use it.  There have been many new “improved” remotes created over time, but they are the same.  Combined with their TV buddy they conspire to get free entertainment by perplexing you with buttons and two-dimensional navigation mechanisms displayed on the screen.   Our house has the added benefit of other TV-related devices adding, even more, remotes each with their own “special” buttons.  Over time, like many people, we have a box/drawer of “unknown” remotes we keep because we are too afraid to throw out what could be our only means to control some device.  


Luckily Amazon/Apple/Directv, etc… have started adding voice to the remotes and cleaned up somewhat their interfaces.  This is great and needs to push forward faster.


The final solution, however,  is each TV needs microphones built-in so remotes are not needed at all.  You can’t lose what you don’t need.  Further, people don’t care if they are watching Apple TV, Fire TV, Directv …. They just want to see “whatever” they want.  We have to take out these devices of torture and guarantee language is the common interface.  This will force device makers for TV/misc equipment to operate similarly when a person attempts to use their product.  Volume/Brightness/channel changing etc… from a language perspective should be common across any device.  


Drop the remote.

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