Define in language, 1 quart equals 2 pints .... rather than other methods or pre-calculated

Part of our goal to create “OURBRAIN" as a dynamic collective intelligence from different people we are allowing definitions of terms with other terms. So “cat is a small furry mammal etc.” is a simple example A is_a B.


There are other simple definitions we can add that allow people the flexibility to create more intelligence than “A is a B”.  Without all the predicate calculus definition we're just calling it an OURBRAIN-EQUALS.


An example would be a relationship between two terms “ 1 quart equals 2 pints”. It doesn't matter if we (the system) know what a “pint” is or means.  We are only defining a relationship between terms.  This may seem a cheat from the AI or NLP point of view, but we see it as a practical, useful language relationship.  This is something that can help people in their own world or domain.  This relationship is defined so that later someone can ask useful answerable questions “how many pints in 10 quarts”.  Additional slight deductive chains can be done assuming gallons is defined, “how many pints in 2 gallons?".  


By having this capability, we let people define the terms and relationships we (the system) are not aware of at the time.  Businesses will have various quantity definitions that might not make sense for anyone outside their business. Here we let people define them.   


Recently, for fun with the kids, I looked up our what our weight would be on various planets and moons.  This would be a great dynamic language addition.  “ mars weight equals earth weight times 0.377”, “what is my weight on mars”, Device: “how much is my weight?”, ….  As with anything people can create complex formulas and relationships.  We are looking at initially fairly straightforward simple relationships.  


The beauty is, over time the language of the relationship will become enough to cover 90% of what is needed for most people.  Wolfram Alpha and other cool solutions would be great at the other more complex 10%.  The fact that you can and will add these via language here by anyone is awesome.


Human enablement!


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