Dynamic Contribution intelligence.... from everyone, for everyone.... together..

Wikipedia and really the whole web represents a great deal of human knowledge probably almost close to everything in some form. That was all created by typing, scanning, and interacting with each other. This expression of information is way beyond that of past knowledge sources such as Encyclopedia Britannica and similar books.  Nothing new just stating the obvious.

Today with our product and hopefully others we can add on top of this world knowledge with dynamic contribution intelligence via voice. A world where ANYONE can add knowledge.  They need not be Wikipedia experts or web page creators.  They merely state to our product or any personal assistant (Alexa, Siri…) supporting this concept a fact/rule/data about the world. Whether the fact is about them, someone else, something else, or whatever the topic doesn't matter. In the reverse, these new “facts” will be accessible to anyone with similar or computing devices simply by asking.   Editing or modifications will follow via language as well.  I'm not defining the mechanism here only the fact that the world's knowledge should be available and created by all, easily, by voice by all.  This does not replace Wikipedia or other information sites only augment them.


Once created, the amount of information available whether it's simple facts, more complex relationships such as rules, or other procedures will explode. If anyone can create these using their voice so many more people can provide their knowledge, way beyond who can write Wikipedia articles just as Wikipedia/web dwarfed the Encyclopedia Britannica's ability to add knowledge.

I love it !!

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