It’s NOT human(e)?

Computers, devices, gadgets, etc. all need to be given a score of how human (e) they are…for all products.  ‘human(e)’ not in the “Turing Test” concept computer science people look to achieve, where a computer fools you into thinking you're interacting with a human.  'human(e)' in the customers experience with a product of a frictionless, smooth, enjoyable path using and understanding it's features.   A 10 means perfection, hard to achieve but certainly a goal.  1 is terrible, awful, where the human is performing like a circus animal for their food pellet (product features) if they are able to find them.


Honeywell thermostats are probably a 3, if that, as they are difficult to use and harder even to know what you can do with them. There is no joy here.  The Staples “Easy” button while almost meaningless in its function is a 10.  It does one thing and is easy.  The capability is not part of the rating.



EasyHuman (EH) scale 1..10 where a rating group is from a collection of users.  Many reviews do include easy of use, however, they are never ruthless enough on the interface.  They usually focus on features and look the other way on ease of use.


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