Live forever from the Grave, Star Trek reality NOW.


There have been many episodes of Star Trek and other movies where someone's brain is transferred to a robot computer or something similar.  Usually, the idea is the person wants to live forever in one form or another.  I think it's probably a human survival instinct that drives this type of thinking.  Obviously we take pictures and videos of our parents, kids, and ourselves in a way to preserve ourselves for later generations.  In this way we kind of capture “peoples” lives/minds.


With four kids I think about being able to preserve our thoughts (mine, my wife). I think it would be nice when the day came that I'm not here my kids could still talk to me asking me what I think about the subject, an idea, or stories to tell. Today they tell me to record my stories video so they can watch them later or maybe their kids would be interested in them.  Videos are not the greatest method for capturing a person's mind.  They are usually of the moment and capture an event certainly of interest to all but not a person’s mind.


To capture people's mind we need to have a place to put them.  We need a way to interact with it, so it is not one way street like normal videos. We then need to know how to orchestrate collecting the memories so that it is REALLY easy, especially with older people.


What is saved or remembered is up to the person recording their thoughts of course.  However, there could be some starting standard collection of 1000 life questions that people love to ask and answer.  This would provide many times a source of information which could lead to more stories or questions that could be answered.   “Have you been in the military?” question to me, could then lead to me telling a story about that time in Italy.  Etc… or my favorite river.   


If collecting this information is orchestrated right and done over time you can imagine saving quite a bit of information about yourself. With natural language processing of questions & answers later access to information would allow people to talk to you without you being there. The focus of verbal/audio vs video is more practical as it’s not always easy to be ready to video (or want to be seen ;-)  ).  I’ve many times been driving and because of something on the radio thought of some wisdom/story I’d like to provide my kids.  Sometimes the story might be old for them to get it now and to capture the thought is not possible or easy.  By the next stoplight, I forgot what I was going to say, or it’s too hard to record, or due to the lack of current recall mechanism, I don’t bother.


Some people could think of this as cold or morbid trying to save a mind, but I see it as a fun way for my kids/other people their kids interact with me later. We do it now in video/pictures just poorly.  In some way, in doing this, it's satisfying my human nature or need to transfer my brain into a robot (That isn’t happening anytime soon)


So get ready to download your brains. (evil laugh)

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