Ok, I’m a fanboy of Amazon and Apple.


I like Amazon, like others, certainly because of their store and how quickly to get products to me. But my real experience and fanboyness with Amazon are through their AWS cloud services. I have found them to be progressive, systematic, iterative, reliable, and always competitive with prices. They always match value with what you're getting feature-wise. They also don't seem to be complacent, which is the case of many companies when they get big or successful. Amazon, as a whole, continues to branch out into uncharted territory always, in my opinion, helping the customer in the end. Anytime they move into new areas where companies already exist they are disruptive but for a reason, it's good for the customer.  


Apple is another fanboy company for me. Probably 40% less so than five years ago but still very good. I'm a fanboy of them for their design and their integrated technology experience. I'm not a fanboy of their “value”, however, as I believe they have excessive margins because they can.  Amazon does not take this route.  Amazon continues to lower prices over time. I think Apple is stuck with high margin needs due to their business model.  It’s hard to change what you are.  At InstallShield, we had similar, albeit minuscule comparatively 300 people, issues on product pricing, and the inability to change them.


This does not mean I don't like or am not a fan of other companies. I am a big fan of the other cloud providers. Microsoft, Google and to a lesser extent IBM and Oracle I’m a fan. I'm particularly impressed with Microsoft because they had to change their Windows culture in the cloud amongst other products which count not have been easy. I feel that IBM and Oracle have more challenges getting anywhere in the cloud beyond their legacy customers. They still have great opportunities but they need to move quickly and to get ahead of Amazon, which is difficult.   It's never too late but they will need to change the game.

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