Simple rules, ABC needed for XYZ, what is needed for XYZ.


Another class of information like “A is_a B” or “C equals 2 times G” is a requirement rule. Again there are better formal terms and definitions I'm just providing examples of what we will allow. Requirement rules are simple statements that can be parroted back to a person based on the question.  They also allow for chaining of requirements depending on how deep a particular set of rules go.


So for example, a rule might be, “flower is needed for bread", later the person might ask, “what is needed for bread?”.  The device would say “flower is needed for bread”.   There are more complex things where many dependencies exist regarding what may be required.  While bread is very simple, in the world there are many types of bread.  I know, my wife is of Italian descent and makes a lot of bread.


The goal of the requirement rule is not meant to be an article in Wikipedia about an item, e.g. bread.  It's a simple question-and-answer mechanism for requirements.  As its voice only you can't get too complex in each iteration of a term. Not having a screen simplifies this to some extent by making it more of a conversation.  Questions and answers. “What is needed for bread?”  Device : “flour”,  “What is needed for flour?”  Device : “To get from a store”.   Is simple and desirable.  


I know from co-founding InstallShield and working in development businesses have many instances of requirements.  Many of the requirements are actually not that complicated but are hard to store and later find. Being able to create requirements with your voice will allow people to remember them and related rules to recall later.  Some of these requirements might be generic/public some may be specific to a particular person.  Perhaps some requirement that YOU need to do to use a particular 3D printer at work.  Perhaps something at home you need before changing the furnace filter or what is required for your sump pump.   


I know in development there are lots of things like this that you might put in the comments in the code or elsewhere so the requirements are not lost.  But many times it is not done the same for everybody thus hard to share, or there is just no appropriate place. Random access using the voice and question without having to touch a document/code/dialog panel to find the desired information would be awesome.  


So bring on the requirements, but …. creatable with voice.



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