The CAVE, used to finish projects. What the?!

“The CAVE” comes from an 1998?  Inside joke at InstallShield, the company I co-founded.  It’s a way to finish the last 15% of a project, which REALLY represents 50% of the time and effort of a project.  Inevitably schedules slip and/or development underestimates the effort needed, and products don’t get done or are delayed.  Sometimes it’s lack of requirements, sometimes it’s the external always changing world events.  Whatever the reason, to get the finish line we would have to do “A CAVE”.   I was involved in many/most of these at InstallShield always believing by doing helps the team.

“A CAVE” would usually mean, a bunch of us going to an extended stay hotel anywhere from a week to two/three+ months.  It would, more often than not, be local to make it simpler for everyone.  Because the physical nature of “moving” and with some of us “living there” there it would spur completion-innovation and the need for “immediacy” regarding finishing things.  Placing a bunch of people together somewhere which is not comfortable gets things done. It cuts off distractions.   I feel like it’s not always needed, but I think always helps.  Part of the reason for “CAVE” vs. “offsite” is that in the “CAVE” people are also cut-off from others at the main office.  Their normal ‘other duties are suspended.  Like you’re in a CAVE.


Long live “The CAVE”!

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