Why soccer "football" stinks and is like a bad interface

Yes, most of the world now hates me, sorry.  I am and was poor at soccer and pretty good at other sports.  No doubt soccer athletes are incredibly talented….by far.  What they do using their feet and head is amazing!!!!  I find some matches exciting but usually only the big world cup ones.  So what gives!?  


As I state at the beginning of my blog, human’s most significant assets are their VOICE and HANDS.   What we can do with them is amazing. Look at the human world around us….the good stuff that is. Sports, where hands are not used, are not leveraging one of the two best features of humans.   Soccer uses only the voice as a key asset of humans.   That does not mean other sports don’t have issues…. Baseball is great, but slow sometimes zzzzz, football stops too much but does have its great bursts, etc.  I like hockey, it uses all aspects of humans, hands, voice, speed, finesse, etc...…. (Including fighting which I don't like)


The point is human activities that don’t use voice and hands are not leveraging humans’ best abilities.


Existing interfaces do EVERYTHING they can with the hands….but, they only map to a 2D screen (x , y coordinates) directly.  To get anywhere, the human must perform using a finger or worse yet mouse “the poke around trick” for their computer-overlord.  Humans tap around if brave the screen with frustrated guttural sounds looking for their food pellet feature.  The voice is not used.  Humans are mute.


Voice is another dimension for the interface.  Not a ‘z’ dimension to extend x and y  (which is virtual/augmented reality) but a “V-Dimension”.  This V-dimension, however, is infinitely more powerful than the existing x and y (or z) dimensions.  The x and y dimension is limited to fixed pixels up/down/left/right while the V-dimension is limitless!!!!  Almost bound to what is possible at the moment.   With voice you can simply say ‘volume up 50%’ and it’s done.  No searching, poking, scanning, etc.…  Voice is natural to humans.  The volume voice phrase will or should be flexible and the same with any device, program, or app. Thus, a person in the V-dimension does not have to relearn how to set the volume in another program, they say it like a human and it’s done.  The same is true for many other common features word processors, spreadsheets, etc may have.


With this V-dimension in play, you can then use ALL OF THE 2 DIMENSIONS space of your display for your data.  This means less ‘chrome’ (interface controls) on the user interface.  This is awesome as so much screen space is spent on chrome in interfaces as well as the time spent to create it in design & development.


Humans do not care about chrome. They care about the data they are looking at on the screen and manipulating it.  They want to do this with as little effort as possible.  Voice and hands both must be used to make it easy.


Thus, like interfaces without a powerful human ability voice, soccer does not use the hand, one of our best tools, so it stinks.  :-) 


Bring on the V-dimension.



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