AdaZee, a new cool game, eventually

My daughter and I are creating a game/app which deals with letters, numbers and symbols.  It tests and times users on how to find them quickly in a puzzle.  Like many programs, it's “done” but is not shipping on the AppStore, which means it's “not done”.  ;-)  Of course, that's another story.


The name of this app is called AdaZee.  Why AdaZee?  Because the app deals with letters we liked the idea of A to Z in the name.  We looked around, and I thought it would be cool to use “Ada” for Ada Lovelace being the first programmer and female.  To get the “Z”, the thought of an animal mascot finally arriving on the Zebra Finch bird.  So we combined the name to AdaZee.   Another funny aspect we thought of was to pronounce as A-da-Z, like a Chicago accent,  da-Bears…. A  da Zee .   We are from ChicAgo.   


So there you go, look for it soon ;-)   

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