UNLEASH YOUR BRAIN!  We are about integrating humans and artificial intelligence, for humans not machines. 

Our target: YOU, everybody.  For billions of people...

Our previous product, InstallShield, did exactly that, it ended up on over a BILLION machines.  



Our founder, Rick Harold:

  • Husband to super cool wife, father of four, brother and all around fun guy
  • Leader, Entrepreneur, Computer scientist, problem solver
  • Cofounder/CEO of AhoyThere
  • Cofounder/CTO and creator of InstallShield, #1 installer with billion plus installs with my partner Viresh
  • Cofounder/CEO/CTO and creator of LifeShadow with my partner Tom
  • Northrop Corp, F15 ECCM AI Engine, engineer 
  • Human (mostly)
  • B.S., Computer Science, Northwestern University
  • M.S., Computer Science, Northwestern University
    • focus on Artificial Intelligence/NLP
  • KPMG Illinois High Tech Award
  • INC. 500 fastest growing companies award 3 years running



Also Visit:


     www.ahoythere.us    (company website and for the higgsBrain)

     YouTube Channel




Our Home:

85 Oakwood Rd
Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA