Alexa app must support voice like Amazon Echo

From the beginning, the Amazon Alexa App has been a little confusing.  Aside from its marginal interface layout and odd use of controls, why can't we interact with it using voice?  Just like the Amazon Echo!?   Over time, updates to the Alexa app have improved it somewhat, but it still remains difficult.  New features like calling/texting have been added, but it’s not clearly organized.  What's funny to me, however, is that none of the updates provide the ability to interact with your voice in the app.  Why?  I understand that it’s supposed to be an extension of the Amazon Echo device, but you should be able to talk to it.  To set the alarm, I should just tap on the microphone and say “set 3pm alarm”.  If I want to change any other settings, I should do it through voice.   If I don't want to talk, I'll peck at the screen like usual.

Most if not all future apps need to be designed around voice-first and not the user interface.  It will take time for this to happen, to get the religion.  But the Amazon Alexa app needs to be the cutting edge doing this now!  Originally, Amazon might not have wanted to take away the unique voice aspect of the Amazon Echo device by having the app usable by voice.  Or, perhaps voice was not available to prevent it from being confused as a Siri competitor.  But, now a long time later, there is no reason I can see not having FULL voice interaction in the Alexa app.


Come on Amazon!  Do it!  


NLP Baby!  

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