Alexa/Siri/Ok Google/Cortana others need to be together, all of them, placed in other products where it makes sense.

Amazon decided to make Alexa available on their hardware but also on virtually any non-Amazon device, FREE. This is a great thing and shows that their focus really is to own the smart assistant and AI cloud backend markets.  Owning the smart assistant market and providing Alexa on any device allows Amazon to sell more Amazon store products on these devices as well.  Promoting and owning the AI cloud backend market also allows them to sell more cloud services, AI, and other compute services.

Google, Microsoft, Apple even IBM should do the same, easily and FREE. Allowing third-party device companies, like ours, to provide these smart assistants would help users and would benefit everybody. Device makers would upgrade the value of their product by including one or more of this assistance.  These smart assistant companies would then be able to benefit by selling their standard backend services as well as additional AI cloud offerings connected with their smart assistant.


It also gets them in the game!


Hopefully, these companies will do the same as Amazon Alexa has done in real FREE terms without ‘tricky’ limits for including it on a device. It would be great if they all also extended their assistance to interoperate on each other’s native devices. Microsoft and Amazon have talked about this already which is great.  They should do this.  Protectionism does not work.


As our product evolves, we will be happy to have any of the smart assistance accessible.


Gold team rules!


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