Amazon needs a phone but not expensive one, more in their Kindle model...

Amazon came out with the phone that “failed” as everybody knows. “Failed” in quotes because not everything really fails if you learn from it.  I, like Bezos, loved the 3-D aspect of it because I love 3-D things. Love 3D!  Even though 3-D TVs are kind of out of style now, I still love that stuff. I have a 3-D camcorder and a 3-D still camera. I like to be able to capture my kids on video/pictures while they're young so that someday when they look at the video/pictures of themselves on their PERFECT 512,000 cubic inch hologram TV they can see themselves exactly as they were precisely in the past.


Unfortunately, Bezos and his team were too focused on 3-D stuff and being able to buy from the Amazon store easily and missed the point of why people have phones. It’s not 3D or buying more Amazon stuff.  I was hoping it would succeed because it's always nice to have another player in the market. I went to look at one at an AT&T store.  I was bummed as it didn't work properly.  The demo wasn't working, and the AT&T guy at the store didn't know how to show it. It looked like a nice piece of technology but did not differentiate itself from the androids/iPhones in any way that mattered.

Personally, being an Amazon and AWS fanboy they should try again, but with a Kindle-like an inexpensive smartphone. Perhaps even free? With Amazon Prime and a contract that isn't too heavy. The phone should have Alexa (of course), decent performance, run their version of android, and I believe that would be very successful. I know my kids would have one especially if it were as cost-sensitive as Kindles are currently.  Amazon’s ability to differentiate on price or price for the value is their strength.


Let’s get an Amazon Basics smartphone and change the market.


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