Autonomous cars


Cars are a waste of money.  They take up space, $, time, require training, etc… We use them 1/24th of the day on average.  23/24th they occupy space doing nothing yet we pay for them.   They are currently a necessity and many if not all of us own one or more.


This is changing as many of you already know.  It is inevitable, given enough time, that autonomous cars/trucks will be here and in full force.  They will, due to their autonomous driving, allow us to not have to drive but also give up car ownership as well.  This is an awesome thing. It will remove the need for a human to be there to ‘drive’ the car, myself or another driver.


Whether or not you own the car still or borrow it for a few minutes here and there doesn't matter. Not having to drive is great.  Driving today has to be learned, requires attention and some cognitive skills.  Driving further requires a person to service the car machine.  All the controls, steering wheel, pedals, radio, LCD, its maintenance, gas, etc… and it’s interaction with all the other “drivers/car” all have to be monitored by people, and in the end, the car does not serve us.  We serve it.  If we don’t serve the car right, we can cause potentially terrible results.  


In the new world of autonomous cars with a natural language interface our time can be spent elsewhere interacting with other people, working, reading, watching something, sleeping, etc..  These activities are a vastly improved use of time and will enhance productivity, relaxation and happiness. Gone will be distracted driving, accidents (mostly) and it will be replaced with eventually more efficient roads systems and less traffic signals/signs (if needed), etc..  Approx. 200 million cars in the USA alone, times 50 minutes of driving a day is billions of minutes a day can then be doing something else more productive or just relaxing.  It’s huge.


It will also be super cool not to have a garage or as a significant driveway because you don’t have a car.  Garages and their larger cousins' parking structures/lots take up so much room, cost, and material.  They exist for cars/trucks that are mostly idle; probably 95% of the time, it’s a total waste.  Various future autonomous car companies will effectively manage their fleet of cars and trucks, so they are busy and fully used.


For older people, the handicap and people not of age to be able to get around autonomous cars is a freedom creator.  Uber/Lyft today has started this process and allows people to get around relatively easily.  Autonomous cars will enable it to be more cost-effective than today’s Uber/Lyft.  This freedom will benefit everyone as older people can be more productive and independent even later in life.  


Lastly, autonomous cars will allow for businesses to provide lifts to people/customers as free incentives, e.g. if you visit their restaurant or store, they pay for your ride.  This further reduces people's direct transportation costs.  


I can't wait for my autonomous car. It’s exciting.

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