AWS Alexa voice console UI needs to be NLP enabled (This is best for the customer)


Amazon needs to create a natural language interface for its development console for the Alexa service. While this console isn't very complicated, there are a series of steps in it along with reporting and other information that could be controlled with language interface. I’ve noted before that the AWS console also needs a language interface. It has a lot more to pieces, and the language would be more extensive, but as a whole, it would be beneficial. The mere fact that the developer interface for Alexa is about creating language-based interfaces I think should force Amazon to put effort into making it an example of how to add language interface to a console.


It's inevitable that the Alexa console (and others) will have a language interface in front of them.  When they eventually do we will find that the console is just a display of information and the voice is used more by the developer to manipulate their skills and information. In addition to the manipulation of the skill, I would expect to be able to ask questions and get answers quickly.  This would be far superior to FAQs or other documentation and would allow for faster development.


By having a language interface, it would open up to the non-developers world the ability to create skills of certain types. One example would be an FAQ skill type.  If “Target”, the store, wants to have their FAQs on Alexa you should be able to do it without having to code anything or fill in many forms.  Target should be able to use the Alexa console with the language interface, create a “Target FAQ” skill, and layout some question and answer tree or similar with voice.  The Alexa console could have a voice program which is used to inquire with the Target person their particular FAQ’s for that skill type.


The display for a FAQ type can then show the branching of the tree, if any, and allow for editing. The goal, however, would be the interface can be done without a developer by almost anyone. Cool!  


Many other capabilities/skills can be done without a developer if the language interface was provided.  Having some small additional features like a basic database mechanism, minimal linear steps, and common actions such as email, text, alerts etc. would allow the non-developer to create skills that could make decisions, ask simple questions of their customers all without a developer.


Because I believe Amazon is 100% in the natural language processing world, this would enhance their backend services and capabilities.    They should lead the way!  By doing this, they also provide mechanisms that the rest of us can use. They may even have pre-canned solutions, such as FAQ, that makes it even easier for people to add FAQs for their companies. You can imagine talking to  Amazon Echo Alexa directly to create your FAQ after validating your company information. You don't even need to go to the skills dashboard console.  Beautiful !!!!!


So Amazon, add the natural in his processing interface to your Alexa console.  Human enablement!

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