FAQ’s are useful and generally based on the frequency of questions as the name defines.  As time goes on, depending upon the product or use, these questions may change.  Usually, the number of questions is limited to the amount someone wants to scan and read on a page or two, approximately 20-40.  With voice FAQ however you can have 100/1000++ times more questions and answers because people don't have to scan down the giant list of them. They simply ask on Alexa, Siri, a similar device, a webpage, or even at a store with an in-store device, your question.  


If the question is new, there will be no answer immediately but the new question will be posted to those who answer the question.  They would then respond to the question eventually WITH voice to later be added to the FAQ.   While this might not be in time for the person asking the first time, it will be for the second time.  By removing any user interfaces you can very quickly provide answers to people's questions.  Voice to ask the question, voice to answer, done!!  This FAQ thinking is broad and could be used anything … cars interface, the car manual, in stores, various websites, really anything.  


By opening FAQ creation/answering up to the public, as many websites do for forums, someone else can answer the question for the company.  Depending on the company's product/policy there may be a validation phase, but certainly, someone in the public knows the answer already, let them!  In our product and others like it, we suggest having the community answer questions as it will benefit everybody.


Amazon Echo could today allow companies, through voice only, to create their FAQs.  We certainly will do this in our non-competing product.  

For example, the company Tile, which makes those little “tags” that beep when something is lost.


They could say to Alexa:


Tile Person: “Alexa add to Tile FAQs”

Alexa: “please provide the Tile FAQ pin code please”

Tile Person: “1234”   // authenticated (if needed)

Alexa: “what is the question”

Tile Person: “Are Tile devices waterproof?”

Alexa: “what is the answer”

Tile Person: ”Yes Tile’s are waterproof to a depth of 30 feet for 20 minutes”


Then Alexa repeats and allows editing.  Done!


Of course, customers of Tile could add their own questions and answers for all to share, assuming the Tile company permits this.  This is important as customers have a way of knowing what really is difficult and what questions need answers before companies do.


So let's get a voice for FAQs everywhere.


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