Fiverr revolution


As an entrepreneur, I have many jobs because companies especially startup companies require them. As I’m not an expert at everything ;-)  I, and others like me, have to look outside for consulting/contractors for help.  It used to be a chore and expensive to find or locate extra help.  This has changed a great deal since my early InstallShield days.  It’s possible to get help on a variety of needs fairly quickly and inexpensively now.  That’s awesome!  I can then concentrate on my core company needs.  Fiverr is one such company among others that connects people with people who need their services. It’s done in a way that connects anyone in the world with anyone in the world.  It also has a focus on micro-services.  Not the cloud server AWS Lambda like microservices, but simple small consulting engagement ones.  It's truly awesome and revolutionary.  In a way, it’s similar to Uber/Lyft and Airbnb in that masses of people can provide resources/skills/houses/cars to others to benefit easily.

For Fiverr/Upwork or others, it can cover artwork, logos, voice, music, and engineering work almost anything.  Fiverr helps to get the work done by providing a standard transactional method so people can trust they will get a good solution and for the worker, get paid. The concept that somebody in Pakistan design a 3-D model that I can 3D print in Chicago for a small expense is amazing.  As a funny example, I wanted to surprise my kids with a video of a parrot saying their names...yes, some dude in India? Will do that, for a price.  While silly, it shows there is really no limit.


Yay, for microservices!

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