How a caveman could outwit Sir Issac Newton.


First: get a time machine ;-)

Second: go back and ‘borrow’ some random 50,000 years ago caveman/cavewoman and then ‘borrow’ Sir Isaac Newton.  

Third: don’t change history ;-)  ignore friction

Forth: after they both relax from freaking out, teach ‘English’ to the caveman ;-)  

Fifth: Describe loudness/volume to them.   

Six: give them iPhones


The challenge: Ask them to change the volume (loudness) of the sound on the iPhone.   Both would struggle and stumble and peck on their phone.  The caveman could easily figure it out first beating one of the top geniuses of all time.  


The obvious point is trying to figure out how to accomplish even the simplest of tasks is extremely difficult or impossible.  Even for the smartest person.  This frustrates me personally and certainly most users.  While my little scenario is contrived, it gets the point across.  Interfaces are not intuitive to the new user.  They should be.


Natural language interfaces (NLP) eliminates the customer frustration and wasted time and enables both the caveman and Newton to be able to easily change the volume or perform whatever other function the phone/devices can do.  


NLP…. is the human equalizer.   It has to be part of products both software and hardware going forward.   With wifi-cellular connectivity for cloud connectivity and cheap hardware, NLP should be CORE to all products.

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