My grandma thought I worked on tv sets


Just a funny comment.  I started working on computers the early/mid 80s and I would visit my grandma often to watch Dallas with her.  When she or her friends asked what I did I would try to explain to her computers. She was 85 at the time and would live another 9 years. As much as I tried to explain computers and even show/use (I actually had her type on one), she still could not get away from the fact that looks like a TV set.  My kids when younger made the same mistake attributing the computer to the “screen”, despite the fact the computer itself as a box under the desk as we all know. ;-) 


This is no big deal, and it's kind of funny to me.  I would eventually just say, “Yes, I worked on smart TV sets” to her and she would tell others the same. With this my grandma didn't have to overthink about it.  What this illustrates, however, is the appearance of something to a human is critical and implies how they interact with it.  


If my grandma were alive today she could TOTALLY interact a different type of computer, Alexa, perfectly!!  And any other natural language interface.  Alexa and products like it would give her so many abilities that she would not have to figure out, as they are natural.  Without the screen makes it even more elegant really.  It’s beautiful.


My grandma hated JR, like everybody ;-)    (only older people will understand)

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