Program languages are like gloves

Anybody who's played sports, gardened, or has done other activities has worn different gloves for different uses. I'm sure, like most people, you don't always have the right glove available for an activity so you pick up the closest thing and hope it'll work out. I played baseball with snow gloves on because my kids really wanted to play catch.  I couldn't find my baseball mitt “fast enough”. I've done similar things with other activities.  Sometimes I use the same work gloves for many things as I love “my” favorite work gloves. 

As a developer, I programmed in dozens and dozens of different languages over the years. Usually, languages have general functional areas they are used in for development.  Sometimes developers are forced to use a language due to the environment, company policy, or toolchain availability etc…   Like other developers, you also get comfortable with a certain set of languages more than others.  For personal reasons you just love a particular set of them.  Sometimes it’s not rational.  You’ll use your favorite language in an environment where it “works”, but is not the right choice.  Same as my snow gloves for baseball, hey it works, or it’s my favorite glove because they can do ANYTHING.


Programming languages are like gloves.  Even if it’s the wrong one you use it because you love it.


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