The middle “man”/”woman” always loses eventually?


Middlemen are a necessary evil.  Depending on technology and society as a whole, there're lots of middlemen who help in facilitating the creator and the consumer. More often than not, these middlemen are not desired by all involved. They add cost, time, confusion, and errors in the process of getting something to a customer. But, many of us need them today for many products/services and have over the centuries.  However, as technology advances middlemen always the first to go, not without resistance using tactics like regulation or political action to slow their removal.


Programmers are total middlemen.  We need to translate the creators’ thoughts to code, interfaces, and ultimately the product. Some of the easiest tasks for a product like store FAQ’s websites, so simple in concept, commonly require a few programmer middlemen for the creation and updates of the FAQ.   However, with the right technology and the right approach we can eliminate the middleman, even the programmer in many instances.  Imagine a marketing person updating their FAQs using Amazon Echo or like by just talking to it for their products.  They skip the programmers and the OTHER people required to normally provide FAQ updates/additions to get them posted for the customer.  The customer, in this case, can speak as well and can ask for the FAQs related to their questions skipping navigation to the FAQ website.


To some extent, Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and similar products remove middlemen and allow people who have houses or cars to provide services to a customer. In this case, Airbnb is still another middleman but makes it possible for renter and rentee to connect. Eventually, Airbnb may be replaced with some true peer-to-peer structure for finding a place to stay.  Peer to peer would be a genuinely middle-man free process.


The people driving the cars for Uber/Lyft are middlemen because they are required to be there currently in addition to the car. The person requesting the car only wants to go from point A to B, they don’t need the person driving.  With autonomic driving, this will change.  The driver middleman will not be required.  Car companies can even skip the car dealers and can provide autonomous cars for people to go from point A to point B thus skipping almost all middlemen.  This is great for people.


Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are other examples where the middleman is being removed. Right now we transfer money to India or China for services and products via banks. It's a pain in the butt, takes time, and costs money.  The benefit of cryptocurrencies is the ability to send payment to anyone almost instantaneously by yourself directly. The bank or other intermediates were not needed.  It's inevitable these bank middlemen will be removed one way or another eventually.  The cryptocurrencies and blockchain mechanism is enough.  There are many other issues and concerns about cryptocurrencies, and I'm not addressing those only the efficiency of less middleman.


Current 2D user interfaces are also middlemen. They provide friction between humans and the features of a product. User interfaces require humans to discover how to finish a task and figure out what is possible in that interface.  The 2D traditional interfaces are the middleman in an abstract sense.  They are in the way.


Natural language processing (NLP) (voice), will significantly enhance the capacity for people to get the features from their products without 2D interface middlemen.  V-dimension!



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