The only way to get rid of computer-overlords is to have MORE computers !!!

It seems counterintuitive but more computers will make us less the subjects of the computer complexity we are all burdened with. How can this be?!  There are two expectations of the newly added computers.  The first is they should be specific purpose inexpensive computers.  So toasters, light switches, thermostats, fitbit, clocks, washers, etc… Not general purpose laptop or desktop types.  By having specific purpose computers, a number of possible functions to learn is limited.

Second, they all must be accessed primarily via voice with minimal interface or controls. This means the natural language process NLP in full force.  By forcing designers to use voice on a device with limited functionality, we will get extremely easy to use devices.  This will enable customers to move across manufacturers more easily as the functions would be the same in natural language.  E.g. a washer controlled by voice would use the same language for operation whether it's Westinghouse or Kenmore.  Just as it should be.


That’s beautiful.  


Amazon Echo and Google Home already demonstrate this cross-manufacturer commonality.  Other than their wake word, they will tell you the weather no matter how you ask regardless of which device you ask.  There is no “knob” or “menu” you need to determine how to use differences between the devices.  There is no thinking required to operate.


With wifi/cellular built-in and cloud transcription/NLP methods, almost any (all!?) devices can and MUST use NLP to remove the traditional computer interfaces on all devices.  They all must also remove the arcane artifacts of existing knobs and menu interfaces otherwise confusion will still reign.  NLP will make it seamless. 



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