Transcription means the world is over.

I talk about natural language processing throughout my blog ad nauseam. In reality, it starts with transcription. Once transcription was breached in terms of it being capable of getting the text to voice the last barrier to human-computer interaction was gone.

Now the world waits for computer science, knowledge engineers, and AI people to create functioning semantic brains to interact with us through language. We are nowhere near there yet, but it's only a matter of time and enough effort.  Thinking cloud-based brains way beyond that of Amazon Echo and friends.

Nothing is stopping us from doing this now. People can say words the computer and it captures them, it's only waiting for the semantic brain to exist. The semantic brain will be an ever-growing evolving brain and is effectively unlimited.

I say the “world is over” because knowledge as we know it, intelligence and the ability to create this uber semantic brain is ready now. Transcription was the LAST tough piece required. Probably, only 0.0000001 percent of the semantic brain has been implemented.

When done, it will be far beyond anything Star Trek ever envisioned.


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